the story

Idris’s Pieces is an homage to my love for the natural beauty and cultures of the African continent. In 2006, shortly after the devastation in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, I took the opportunity to teach English in Ethiopia. It was my first time out of the US, and on the African continent. I was deeply inspired by my surroundings - the people, cultures, artistry, textiles, and food - and wished to share this beauty, beyond photos and souvenirs. I hoped to one day create a connection between the people and places I had come to have great affection for, with those I loved back home.

My family and I went back in 2009, seven weeks after our son, Idris (pronounced Ihdrees) was born. This is when I got serious and began collecting items to sell. Seeing this newborn in his new surroundings is how the name Idris’s Pieces came to be - focusing on simple, organic, ethically sourced personal care items inspired by my travels, and continuing with eventual plans to expand into other wellness products. Contributing to the health and well-being of others, as well as doing our part to boost African economies, is truly what drives this company. We’ve used these products in Idris’s upbringing, hoping that he’ll always feel connected locally and globally. We hope you will also.

(Photo: 2006. Semien Mountains, Ethiopia.)