our mission

Idris’s Pieces provides curated lifestyle essentials inspired by Africa and its diaspora to encourage and support health and well-being.

our beliefs

Cause is the central pillar at Idris’s Pieces. We believe that business conducted ethically benefits all parties in a truly sustainable manner. Our core products are simple, environmentally safe, and economically viable in their producing communities. In the near future, we also aim to donate a percentage of our sales to worthwhile causes and build partnerships with cultural foundations.

We aim to help people feel acknowledged and cared for, and to make their physical health and mental wellness a priority by utilizing natural, high quality organic ingredients and selling at more affordable price points so that you can focus on making your health and wellness a top priority. You can see the benefits of traditional foods and wellness essentials in the people who consume them. We seek to source the finest quality of these products to ensure you are getting the best possible product and receiving fully their benefits.

Idris’s Pieces values and honors every ethnicity’s contributions to society. Our intention is to inspire those who surround us with a little piece of our heritage, and foster local and global connections that will provide meaningful wellness products to the US market while simultaneously stimulating African economies.